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injured, but all three are expected to survive. >> the club has been closed by the entertainment commission, which made -- one man said there was no warning. >> couldn't even sense that type of energy in there. everyone was having fun. everybody had happy faces. reporter: the san francisco police tell us the critically individual stable. the other two individuals do not have life-threatening wounds. police are viewing security videotapes to see if they can identify the shooters. so far they have no suspects. we're live in san francisco. abc7 news. >> ama: a man who was trying to help his mother-in-law during an attempted robbery was shot and killed in san leandro. the 33-year-old man was shot in the chest around 9:00 last night. police say the man's
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mother-in-law wag outside of her home, unloading items from her vehicle, when two people preached her. one suspect shot the man and then sped away in a dark-colored sedan. a statewide manhunt is on for a san jose man wanted in the stabbing death of his ex-girlfriend. police are looking for juan ramirez. he is accused of the stabbing yesterday afternoon in san jose. investigators released new details today, saying ramirez confronted his former girlfriend, sandra cruz gonsales, in a parking hat and they began to argue. they previously dated and broke up two years ago. police are familiar with the couple. >> gone out, dealt with not only the suspect but the victim to the point where she probably got direction from the police department or the d.a.'s office and filled out a restraining order against the suspect. >> ama: for several hours police searched for ramirez. they went door-to-door checking
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houses. police believe ramirez is driving a dark green 1996 toyota truck similar to this one and may be heading to mexico. a new detail tonight about an officer involved shooting that wounded a castro valley man. a 49-year-old parolee was shot after pointing what legendded to -- looked to by a rifle at shaves sheriffs deputies about was take. the instance didn't gain when his family called 9-1-1 to report he was acting radically. he also threatened to kill deputies when they arrived. >> one person died in a two-car crash that dishowpt all lanes of highway 84 west of main street this morning. you can see that tremendous impact of the crash that left both vehicles badly mangled. the chp issued a cig alert.
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there's no word on the cause of the crash or the extent of the injuries of the other victims. the search is on for the driver who hit and killed a man early this morning, just after midnight, police say man from emeryville was killed. his name was not released and there's no information about the suspect's vehicle. two teenagers in south georgia face murder charges tonight in the shooting deaths of a toddler. police arrested 17-year-old demarquis el cips, and -- elkins, and a 14-year-old boy. they were trying to rob sherry west, who was out walking with her 13-month-old son. she said when she told the kids she didn't have any money. they shot her in the leg and shot her baby in the head. trap tick nine 9-1-1 calls were released today. >> my baby been shot. >> is the baby breathing? >> i don't know. in a stroller. i just came out the too.
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trying to get the baby out now. >> did you hear in the shots in the area? >> the baby is shot. the baby is -- >> ma'am, listen to me. we got people in route. answer these questions. did you hear any shots in the area. >> yes, i heard a shot. >> yes. somebody shot this child. >> police are still investigating the motive and searching for a weapon. this isn't the first tragedy for west. she says in 2008 her 18-year-old son was stabbed to death in new jersey. >> santa clara a county held a gun buyback today and it was very successful. the reed hill view airport was the site of the buy back. people turned in guns no questions asked, and got cash for their effort. >> never use it. so -- i don't want to take that chance, getting angry and using it. so it's a good time to turn it in and make a profit. >> last year we finally reached the level of 12 guns.
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this year we have gone over 500 guns just in this event alone. >> ama: the county had $77,000 to handout. the going price was $100 for handguns and rifles, 200 for assault type weapons. >> new tonight at 5:00, city leaders in oakland are continuing their grassroots campaign to promote public safety. the town hall meeting took place the mayor and the police chief outlined the city's progress in addressing the citizens' concerns. the chief says a lot of the feedback so far is people just want have a friendlier relationship with officers. >> just to enter act more with the community, which i don't think is asking too much. and i definitely support what they're asking, something we're working on internally to fix. >> ama: the final meeting is scheduled for april 2nd 27th
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>> a look at the local women leaders who got together today on the peninsula and how they plan to inspire future generations. >> the past ask the future of the rome ran catholic church comes face-to-face, what pope francis and his predecessor did in their historic meeting. >> leigh: a nice spring day today but showers return next week. we'll lo
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>> ama: arson investigators are trying to determine the cause of a restaurant fire in the financial district. firefighters were called out just before 3:00 a.m. to
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california grill on commercial street. crews were able to quickly put out the flames. one firefighter sustained minor injuries. >> month is women's history month and there's a number of local events. >> another one where, until recently,, there were female doctors -- >> kristen sze was a member of the forum, among several manipulationed women -- women in the community, the theme, inspiring you can girls to go after their dreams. >> the past and future of the roman catholic church came face-to-face in an embrace. pope francis visited pope benedict, now pope emeritus. the men prayed together, spoke in private for 45 minutes, then had lunch. francis brought benedict a gift,
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an icon called the madonna of humility. >> one man learned the importance if not humiliating lesson in love. >> buy people flowers. you don't fake a rape in a taxi. >> hear from the woman he tried to woo and went terribly wrong. >> sunny skies today and could see warmer temperatures ahead. the forecast after the break. >> here's david muir with a look at what is ahead at 5:30. >> coming up tonight, the massive storm on the move. more than 100 miles of major interstate already shut down. more than the half the country will feel the storm. a man wrongly wrongly convicted, and released, and suffered a heart attack. >> man would won the lottery seven times already, and we
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>> ama: if you plan to be in the east bay tomorrow, take a look. this is the race route for the rung festival. sunday morning. this is the course for the full 26.2-mile marathon which starts at snow park. there's also a half marathon and a 5k. some 8500 runners will be pounding the pavement, which means road closures and parking restrictions. we have the full list on our web site. with help navigating around, you can downtown load our traffic app for free. on apple's app store or google
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play. >> to anyone out there who thinks they've been on the world's worst date, here what happened to a woman in arkansas. she says her date start out fine. they went for a walk in the woods. but at some point they heard a russelling in the bushes and man jumped out at them with a large notify. she says she took off running, went over a cliff and called 9-1-1. as police arrived siegel emerged from the woods with cuts on his arm and chest. police say the wounds were suspiciously shallow. during questioning, he admitted he staged the attack so he could rescue and impress the woman. guess what? she was not impressed: >> could have broken something going off the cliff. i was very upset. if you want to impress somebody, impress them with the good stuff you can do, buy people flowers, good job, good education. >> ama: police say they've decided not to charge the man
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with the crime since he admitted to being behind the fake attack. >> let's get to leigh glaser who is checking our weather. >> leigh: it will be changing next week, but until then, enjoy it. live doppler 7hd right now, not picking up much in the way of moisture, and we're starting to see high clouds and you've probably been noticing them move across the bay area. this i a live shot on the embarcadero in san francisco, very mild. oakland, 66. santa cruz, 65. looking out over the bay, accept rosa, 67. 69 in fairfield and los gatos, 70. folks, here's a look at our forecast highlights. we'll continue with high clouds and clear sky in some location so get ready for cool temperatures. mostly sunny, passing clouds, mild tomorrow and then showers will entry -- be introduced.
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lows tonight, east bay locations. where you're clear, temperatures bottom out near 40 degrees, and some high clouds will stand near half moon bay and towards palo alto, with temperatures in the mid-40s overnight. high pressure, a springlike day today and will do so again tomorrow. some of the high cloud sitting right off the coast. that is what will venture in tomorrow. so passing clouds, a few degrees warmer tomorrow. monday we'll see a little more cloudiness, and as we head into mid-week next week, that's when our chances or showers will be on the increase. 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, we'll look for mainly clear sky. but throughout the course of the day. you'll notice the high clouds continue to move in. this is lunchtime tomorrow. looking pretty good. by 3:00 tomorrow afternoon we'll see a few more clouds start to move in as a stronger onshore wind component will start to develop. here's your highs tomorrow.
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69, sunny veil. 50s at the coast. 57 for palo alto. san francisco tomorrow, sitting at 62. sun-cloud mix. 69 for santa rosa. oakland tomorrow, 68 degrees. hercules, 66. interior east bay, nudge up slightly into the low 70s. here's a look ahead, the accuweather seven-day forecast. you'll notice tuesday and wednesday the clouds thicken up. a couple of systems will brush by wednesday and thursday, a chance of a few showers thursday, as we get into friday and saturday, better chance for rain, and i know that weekend is easter weekend so we'll keep you posted on that. abc7 news has another great weather resource for you. follow@live doppler 7 hd on twitter, and get video forecasts, "spare the air" alerts, power outage, and
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weather tweets from your favorite weather team. >> ama: mike shumann is here. i'm guessing you have some basketball for us? >> mike: a little bit. march madness for the men and women. cal women made a statement today in texas. cal women made a statement today in texas. that's nextan) 3 days of walking to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful (woman) why walk 60 miles
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in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because your efforts help komen serve millions of women and men facing breast cancer every year. visit to register or to request more information today. it was 3 days of pure joy. ♪ and it's beautiful
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>> mike: women's ncaa action. cal facing fresh snow state bulldogs. cal is a dangerous team.
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they're going to surprise some people, lindsey gottlieb leading the bear thoaz tournament boyd led cal with a career high 13 boards and ends the first half cal up seven. clarendon, easy jumper. cal up 61-48. four of cal's starters reached double digits, including jennifer brandon, and snagged 1 12 boards. cal faces the winner of texas tech and south florida. >> jump to at the second around of the n.i.t. snafd stanford taking on alabama in tuscaloosa. the followup jam but that was his only bucket of the game. rap randolph, for three. the lamp and the fought. alabama ma cruises to the victory. eliminating the defending champions.
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>> ing my facing virginia commonwealth commonwealth. mitch mcgary led the wolverines with 14. got some help from glen robinson iii. michigan ices it when trey burke hits the corner three. michigan moving on to the sweet 16 for the first time since 1994. abc7er brendon's michigan state spartans meeting memphis. michigan state led by three at the half. payne gets his revenge in the second. he rebound. slams it home. two spartan players get into a heated exchange during a time-out. they weren't arguing much after. payne had 14. michigan state on to the sweet 16 with a 70-48 victory. let's stay indoors, ice hockey, minnesota and the sharks. you can't win if you can't score. san jose has the fewest goals this year with only 71, and could not add to that today as they got shut out. the sharks get a rare penalty
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shot. the denial by backstrom. second period, parise wide open, doesn't miss. 1-0 wild. sharks couldn't stop bergeron. san jose shut out for the third time this season, 2-0 the final. i. a little cactus league action, a bay bridge series preview. tim lincecum on the hill, getting rocked. pitching like last season. top first, cespedes crushes it. 2-run shot. in the fifth, now 6-2a's. the backup end infielder goes to the picnic area. brandon belt, seventh home run but the a's crush the giant, 12,
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5. the two teams opening a three game series on thursday. >> the raiders' punter went to houston. going home after 13 years with oakland and stenpro bowls. and tiger wood atop the leaderboard. >> ama: ahead, it's nothing too fancy but at it rich in hoyt.
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>> ama: coming up at 6:00. lights are going out around the world and in a few hours they'll go out here in the bay area. >> in the warning for ipad shoppers. what you need to look out for before you leave the store. napoleon's engagement ring in 1796 to the woman who would become empress josephine is going up for sale in paris. the saphire and diamond ring may seem unprim sessionsive but historians say napoleon scraped for the ring help was a young officer and was not rich at the time. so it was a lovely ring. >> that does it for us at 5:00. thank you for joining us. this is "world news."
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today march madness more than 100 miles of interstate shut down. more than half the nation in the bull's eye tonight. >> knsnow, floods, tornado warnings as we come on the air. without warning the meteor flash seen from florida to maine. lighting up twitter and facebook. tonight many asking about what about advanced notice? after the russian meteorite, shouldn't we know when a meteor is coming? double jeopardy. the man wrongly convicted out of prison after 23 years, tonight suffering a heart attack on his first full day of free dom. last dash. the lines growing hours until the giant powerball drawing. tonight hear the man who's already won the lottery seven times and we asked is he right? are quick picks the worst thing you can do? from abc news world headquarters, this is "abc world news." good evening.
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great to have you with us on a saturday night. we do begin this evening with this imble maj just behind me here, an image from colorado, faintly make out the plow moving through the screen outside of denver. as someone said on the way into work, where is spring? more than half the country getting hit with the newest nasty storm hundreds of miles of roads shut down from colorado to kansas tonight. and look at this, dozens of cars in a pileup outside of denver, a semi tanker up in flames because of the weather. snow and ice returning to windchills across america with winter storm watches and warnings across a dozen states now. in the south, fears of tornadoes because of all this. meteorologist ginger zee leads us off with the fiery crash in colorado tonight. >> reporter: it's the winter that just won't release us from its icy grip. a stretch of highway outside of denver, a 50-car pileup. semi trucks off the road, going up in flames. highway after

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